1. The Commercial Life of Lindfield
  2. Tavistock and Summerhill School – A Brief History
  3. St Nicholas Nursery – ‘A Lovely Place’
  4. The Trafalgar Connection
  5. Charles Dickens and the Link to Lindfield Connection
  6. Establishing the Miniature Rifle Range and Lindfield Rifle Club
  7. The Story of Finches
  8. How Lindfield Started
  9. Frederick William Lanchester – Grave at Walstead Burial Ground
  10. Helena Hall
  11. Memories of Wartime – Lindfield and Beyond
  12. Walstead Burial Ground
  13. ‘Our Lindfield – A Sense of Place’ Exhibition
  14. Lindfield under the Elizabethan Poor Laws
  15. George Forrester Scott: Writer and Pioneering Conservationist
  16. The Reverend Francis Hill Sewell
  17. The Next 500 years – Lindfield from 1500
  18. An Old Sauce with a Mysterious Past
  19. St John’s : The Forgotten School
  20. Fire-eating Legge: A Lindfield Hero
  21. Discovering West Common 
  22. Julius Guy: Inventor and Local Activist
  23. Brief history of Summerhill House
  24. Lindfield United Reformed Church
  25. The Leslie Family
  26. Lindfield Fair
  27. East Mascalls
  28. Lindfield Fire Brigade
  29. Deans Mill Railway
  30. Mid Sussex Steam Laundry
  31. The Chapel of Sothenbury, Scaynes Hill
  32. St Augustine of Canterbury Church, Scaynes Hill
  33. Wickham Farm
  34. Lindfield National School
  35. Along the Lane to America
  36. Charles Eamer Kempe and Old Place
  37. The Royal Army Medical Corps



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