Wickham Farm


Before 1894 the Lindfield Parish Boundary extended to the Balcombe Road and Wickham Farm held a significant amount of land in this area.

Wickham Farm was first mentioned in 1279.  Three centuries later in 1583 Thomas Newnham leased the farm with 100 acres of land to a Lindfield yeoman called John Payne.  a family of this name recorded as living at ‘Santhill’ died of the plague during August and September 1603.  Both parents and their six children died together with Jone Laby and Mary Gilham who may have been servants.

The Newnham family were considerable landowners in Lindfield, as evidenced in 1636 by being included amongst those responsible for the upkeep of the fencing around the churchyard [Register of Church Marks 1636].

On 31st July 1882 Wickham Farm estate of 459 acres, came up for auction.  It was offered in four lots, with two being described as building land. This set the scene for the coming century and the development of Lindfield and Haywards Heath.


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