The Leslie Family


In 1906, George Leslie moved to Lindfield.  He was a successful professional artist and an Associate of the Royal Academy.  He built Compton House, a spacious 14 room house, as home for himself and his wife Lydia.

His unmarried niece Kate Leslie and her mother had arrived in Lindfield five years earlier commissioned a large house, Cotmaton, built by Parker Anscombe, on the land that is now Shenstone Close.  A few years later Miss Leslie built Oaklee and Littlecote, on two plots adjacent to Compton House in Compton Road.

Gertrude Jekyll, the well-known garden designer, a friend of the Leslies’ provided help with designing the gardens.  George Leslie created two ‘Lion’s head’ water fountains;  one was given to Gertrude Jekyll and installed in her garden at Munstead Wood.  The other remains to this day at Compton House.

Members of the family lived in Lindfield from 1901 to c1928 making significant contributions to the village, artistically, physically and socially.  For example, serving in the WWI VAD hospital in King Edward Hall and the Lindfield Amateur Dramatic Club was a beneficiary of their talents.

Compton House is now a nursing home, Oaklee has been greatly extended as retirement accommodation.  The other properties have been demolished.

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