East Mascalls


In medieval times the Michelbourne family had close associations with Lindfield and especially the Tiger Inn.  The family went to live at East Mascalls and adopted the alias Mascall.  Richard Michelbourne in 1522 dropped the Michelbourne name in favour of Mascall.  His grandson inherited the property selling it in 1550 to his aunt Ursula Middleton.

Ten years later East Mascalls was purchased by William Newton who had acquired the Manor of South Malling Lindfield.  In 1695, Margaret Newton married William Noyes and their son, William, married Martha Herbert.  Subsequently Herbert became incorporated as part of the family name.

The property descended through the Noyes line to Thomas Herbert Noyes in 1800 and with his large family he occupied East Mascalls for 30 years.  In the years that followed the house fell into disrepair eventually becoming a ruin.

It was subsequently restored.

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