Deans Mill Railway


Deans Mill had been disused since the early years of the 20th century, then in 1935 it was bought by George Horsefield.  He set about repairing the mill and soon started producing wholemeal flour for sale locally.

Additionally, the Horsefields converted the Elizabethan barn into tearooms and to attract visitors, boats were offered for hire on the Ouse and a 15 inch-gauge railway constructed.  The railway ran for some 300 yards, in a loop around the grounds with a tunnel, sidings and station.

The line opened in 1937 and initially a steam tank engine was used to pull the passenger wagons but this was soon replaced and in 1939 a petrol driven locomotive was acquired.  The railway was suspended during the war years although the tearoom continued for a time as a restaurant aimed at officers stationed in Lindfield.

After WWII the tearooms and railway were again opened for business until 1957 when Deans Mill was sole to new owners

The Mill is now a private residence.

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