‘Our Lindfield – A Sense of Place’ Exhibition


Lindfield is well known as an historic village and certainly the High Street is centuries old. However much of Lindfield is less than one hundred years old, in fact the majority of the houses are under fifty years old. Have you ever wondered what was there before the houses were built? Perhaps more specifically, what was the land on which your house now stands used for, or who owned it in the past?

The Lindfield History Project Group attempted to answer these questions and many others at its successful ‘Our Lindfield’ exhibition held on 6th–7th October 2007 at the King Edward Hall, Lindfield


The exhibition sought to uncover the past and little known facts about each road or area in today’s village, in effect rolling back time to reveal Lindfield before the houses. It showed how Lindfield progressed from little more than one road surrounded by farms to the thriving community Lindfield is today. Over a thousand years of history were highlighted to provide a sense of place.


Our studies to build up a comprehensive picture of the development of Lindfield are ongoing. Do you have any photographs, perhaps of your house being built, original sale particulars or any other items relating to your house, road or Lindfield in general? If so please Contact us.




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