Memories of Wartime – Lindfield and Beyond


This study covers the years 1939-1945 with particular reference to the Second World War and its impact on the community. It was based on the recording of personal recollections together with information drawn from original and secondary sources – the aim being to compile a comprehensive picture of the war years. Our initial findings were presented in a successful exhibition in November 2004, and are available for those wishing to find out more by contacting the group. Subjects covered in the exhibition include:

  • Preparing for War
  • Experiences of those on active service
  • Day to Day Life
  • Effects of the War on residents
  • Protecting Lindfield
  • Voluntary Organisation
  • War in the Air
  • Military in Lindfield
  • Entertainment and Social Life
  • Evacuees
  • Diet and Food Production
  • The Peace
  • Those who gave their lives

During our research the diary of Lindfield resident Helena Hall was discovered. In this Miss Hall recorded local, national and international events throughout the war. Selected entries of relevance to Lindfield have been transcribed by the group. Should you have any information relating to wartime Lindfield, please contact us.

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